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Join the Soulheartist Movement With Deb Fung and PROJECT AK-47!

We are thrilled to announce that the incredibly talented Deb Fung has chosen to partner with us for her Soulheartist project! This means she will be actively raising awareness and funds to support our life saving work in the Philippines. In her touching and honest video, Deb tells us why she chose to parter with PROJECT AK-47 and how being a mom has grown her heart for our mission. 


YouTube video


Funds will be raised by selling subscriptions to the Soulheartist platform. As a subscriber, you’ll not only be touching the lives of at risk children, you’ll also be given access to exclusive content and merchandise from Deb and PROJECT AK-47. This includes music, dog tags and discounts from the Soulheartist brand partners. 

For all the details check out Deb’s Soulheartist page!

Subscriptions open April 15th!