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Rescue, uplift,

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Protect and empower children

INfire represents a community of donors and justice innovators who are passionate about rescuing and empowering children around the world — children trapped in or at high risk of conflict, forced labor, and sexual slavery.

To create lasting change, rescue and prevention must be far-reaching and holistic. We do this by building relationships with communities, local government, insurgent commanders and cartel leaders to gain access to the child combatants in their armies or armed groups. We are often able to negotiate for their release into our educational systems and mentoring programs.

We also train indigenous leaders to identify vulnerable children within their communities and capacitate these leaders to develop economic and social programs that prevent children from becoming victims of injustice in the first place. Our leaders are often the courageous frontline of the church in hard places.

Education is an essential component to prevent children from entering conflict. If a child has received education, they are less likely to be recruited into insurgent armies. If they discover belonging in a soccer team, they are less inclined to need a gang and more likely to go to school.

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Serve and engage our

Justice Allies is our growing network of organizations and professionals passionate about serving vulnerable children in conflict and trafficking-prone regions. This key component of our work empowers other leaders to serve communities. We emphasize sustainability in our multi-faceted approach, partnering to minister to communities in high-conflict areas through strategic partnerships.

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Multiply impact with strategies and models

Our scalable programs make the gospel practical in violent areas. 

Engaging these regions is difficult, and our success is built on innovation, testing, and adaptability. When we find solutions that work, we look for the best way to maximize the impact of the program.

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