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Marcus Young


Marcus grew up in the Philippines, worked with the largest drug cartel in Southeast Asia, and pioneered the first child soldier rescue efforts in Myanmar in the 1990s. Today he consults with churches and organizations about peacemaking at home and work, and supports leaders around the world who help protect children in conflict areas, educate them, and raise them into peacemakers.

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AJ Young

Creative Director

AJ is part of the Young family’s fifth generation to work with people in Southeast Asia and the Philippines. She uses her graphic design, videography, photography, and writing skills to tell stories and create connections between children at risk across the globe and donors who can help them.

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Pat Owings

Strategic Account Manager

Pat serves the team with his strategic account management expertise, which he learned from managing multi-million dollar international accounts around the world, including Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. He also supports us with knowledge from his experience working in marketing and IT.

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Katie Curtis

Administrative Accountant

Katie cheerfully puts her expertise and passion for crunching numbers to use to keep our accounts in order and get your donations to the communities we serve. She also works to keep our operations running smoothly locally and internationally. 

Some of our staff around the world

Consuelo Locop

Southeast Asia Director

Consuelo is a resilient and compassionate leader who has worked at a grassroots level in some of the most remote regions with indigenous leaders and partners. She also brings us top-level management experience in business and socio-economic engagements. 


Mexico Director

Stephen lives deep in Mexican cartel-controlled turf. His years of work there have earned him the respect of local leaders. He runs a winning semi-pro soccer team where he is a phenomenal mentor for his players — children coming out of dark and hopeless circumstances. He uses soccer as a means to provide an education and a way out of the life of the cartels.


Special Projects

Today, Sam manages five homes for children, a big change from when he was a young adult working as a mercenary drug trafficker for over 300 men. Much of his core work is in the heart of conflict or restricted-access zones, building trust with rebel commanders. 


Philippines Program Manager

Precious is a licensed social worker with extensive experience in the NGO sector. In the aftermath of typhoon Haiyan she provided humanitarian aid. She also has experience as a child organizer and educator, building peace in conflict-ridden areas, as well as working with the Badjao and other IP groups. 


Administrative Officer

The only staff member based in Manila, Rez helps coordinate government reporting compliance. She brings years of experience collaborating with different NGOs and advocacy groups.

Amy Aung

Myanmar Program Manager

A member of the Wa tribe, a minority group in Myanmar, Amy applies her experience in humanitarian emergency affairs in the UMR region in food security and livelihood development projects, and trains area leaders. She also helps develop systems for staff care, discipleship plans for children, sustainability for safe homes, and crisis response projects.

Paco and Elisa

Sports Program Directors

Paco and Elisa have been serving in Central Mexico since their youth. They support our efforts in various leadership roles with their family ministry in Central Mexico, helping give children the skills and opportunity to go to school and stay out of the drug cartels that are prevalent in their area.

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