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Plant seeds for the future

We work with communities and leaders to make sure they can support the children who need them, today and tomorrow. This means investing in their economic, agricultural, and organizational sustainability. Help us provide the resources, skills, and support to ensure their long-term health.

Give children a reason for hope

Communities need children as much as the other way around. And in conflict areas, communities that are unequipped to educate and protect children suffer great risk. Every day we see how issues like food insecurity, lack of leadership, and poor medical care sabotage communities and leave children vulnerable.

Together we can create sustainability with key partnerships, skills, and education.

economic stability

Economic sustainability

Business entrepreneurs are an essential part of resolving ongoing conflict around the world. When we alleviate the struggles of poverty, we create more opportunities for people to help themselves and not fall prey to others. When we capacitate local leaders in resource management and entrepreneurship, their communities aren’t as susceptible to violence and child exploitation.

agriculture sustainability

Agricultural sustainability

Farming is a skill that solves short-term and long-term needs. It protects communities in multiple ways, especially rural or indigenous areas plagued by violence. Alleviating food security issues takes acute pressure off vulnerable members of a community, and training new farmers creates healthy financial streams and increases stability and security.

community stability

Community sustainability

The more a community can build its own programs and take care of its own people, the more stable it can be. We develop local leaders to lower a community’s risk of conflict, making it less reliant on external funding and involvement. Conflict prone and destabilized communities struggle in particular with access to basic health education and trauma. By showing leaders how to address health, child protection and psychological needs, these communities are stronger all around, with less risk of exploitation and poverty.

Making an Impact


college graduates from Mexican programs


child program graduates in Upper Mekong region


children in direct outreach programs


graduates now teachers, government leaders, social workers, health professionals and church workers

Philippians Horse small

Philippines Food Relief Distribution

When the COVID-19 shutdown devastated the already meager fishing and farming incomes for families in the Philippines, we provided food relief for more than 2,200 people. In an area that’s home to some of the most violent Muslim militant groups in the Philippines, the believers in these communities put their lives in danger every day by choosing to follow Jesus, and are often denied assistance in times of need because of their faith. Our support is more vital than ever.

Sustainability Stories

  • sustainability projects cropped

    Sustainability Projects

    Two of INfire’s church leaders in Myanmar know firsthand what it means to be at risk for child soldiering. They are actually both former child soldiers and graduates from INfire’s education programs. And they have built some amazing connections that will give the same opportunity to dozens of more children just like them.

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  • rice patty field

    New Southern Kamoo Rice Paddy

    One of our Children’s Home (currently of 50 children) has been hit hard by the pandemic and the civil conflict in Myanmar. But we have an amazing opportunity to create better food security and sustainability for them by purchasing a 3.4 acre rice paddy!

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  • Rice patty field

    The Power of a Bowl of Rice

    Food security is the most basic, practical step in protecting children. When people have food, children are sold and traded much less.

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