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not guns

We know that education can mean the difference between a child being forcibly recruited into combat and that child escaping poverty, finding a career path, and strengthening their community. Help us create schools, train teachers, and fund scholarships for these children.

Remove their risk and secure their future

Education is critical to restoring communities in areas of conflict. Without education, children are at greater risk of becoming combatants, and their communities face an unbroken cycle of poverty and violence. 

Together we can create educational opportunities that change children’s lives and strengthen communities. We can do this in a beautiful and holistic way, raising up children as farmers, entrepreneurs, and peacemakers.

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Educating Children for Safety

Education is a primary way we gain access to children in conflict areas. It is also a primary way we protect children because the more skilled and educated a child becomes, the less expendable they are. Various models for education are used, traditional schools, mentoring, and spiritual guidance. Often, hands-on work programs create the highest impact because they are experiential and tangible.


The Path of Future Influence

When we get a child through school, it doesn’t mean we are done. In Mexico, for example, we have helped over 200 young adults through university. We are working to set the children we serve up as influencers for their own generation. We are inviting you on a journey of helping develop the next generation teachers, pastors, and workers who shine brightly in their own contexts.

Making an Impact


college graduates from Mexican programs


child program graduates in Upper Mekong region


children in direct outreach programs


graduates now teachers, government leaders, social workers, health professionals and church workers

Education Stories

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    The power of education

    Education is important not only in the classroom but in life. We help remote communities learn how to steward their resources and sustain themselves as modernization expands.

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    Local Spirits vs Education

    …They thought that if they allowed their children to study that evil spirits would curse their family and they would all die.

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    The First High School Graduate

    There were a lot of shoot outs…I even remember my teacher telling us to lay on the floor, because the shootings would even happen during daytime…

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