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Embedded in areas of conflict, trafficking, and persecution around the world, we apply innovative, scalable solutions to protect and empower children. Highly sensitive and full of risk, our work relies on peaceful strategies to end the cycles of violence.

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With decades of work in Southeast Asia rescuing child soldiers and building relationships with perpetrators of injustice, Marcus J. Young has insights and proven strategies for working through conflict.

Updates from Marcus

  • Are good fathers an important core of a healthy society?

    Are good fathers an important core of a healthy society?

    INfire has a strong focus on fathers and mothers. Not as parents per se, but people who characteristically have a heart of a father or mother. We work in areas that are often destabilized by armed conflicts. Fundamentally, violence is married to a love of power. How do we counter that? A father would willingly …

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  • Finding the Innovation Sweet Spot

    Finding the Innovation Sweet Spot

    Community, or collective based societies, characteristically are more loyal but may struggle with innovation; because, permanence of custom guides the group while individualistic thinkers can chart unique paths. If you nurture a blend of both individualistic thought and community, that is actually an innovation sweet spot.


  • Following Jesus with Our Revenge 

    Following Jesus with Our Revenge 

    Jesus can be harsh while maintaining complete love and keeping the best interests of those he is confronting in mind. We simply can’t. Our love frays, loses shape, and eventually implodes when we plunge into harshness.