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From Injustice to Redemption

We stand in the line of fire for children in conflict.

Ending violence,
delivering hope

Through peaceful prevention, education, and mentoring programs, we’ve been rescuing children and mobilizing the rising generation of leaders in areas of conflict, persecution, and trafficking around the world, for more than 125 years.

30,000 children



200+ communities

Active in

10 countries

Where will
you stand?


Help us find safe homes for children at risk of being forced into armed militia groups, labor and sexual exploitation.


Provide opportunities to create peacemakers and allies who can instill lasting change.


Take part in agricultural development that helps communities feed and support themselves.


Help bring sports and coaches into kids’ lives to keep them off the streets and out of harm’s way.


Open the door to school and a life away from violence for children in conflict-ridden areas.

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Arm yourself with
strategies of peace

Awake your inner leader and create lasting social change in your own life with our 30-day Love Your Enemy program. Learn strategies of positive prayer, action-filled love, and spiritual blessing for perpetrators of injustice.

Pursuing justice every day

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    Generational Building: Eternal Covenant

    This is part 2 of the topic Generational Building. Generations are incredibly important in how God stewards prophetic promises and builds out his kingdom in the world. Let’s look at how God uses covenants as a thread, weaving through multiple generations and how it impacts our world today. There’s a massive universal party going on ...

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    God Builds through Generations

    Did you know there is a specific reason why God chose Abraham? It has to do with generational continuity and God’s prophetic words. Through this choice, God imprints something deep from the heavenly realm into our natural world. In this four-part series, we will take a look at why God chooses to use generations to ...

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    Following the White Pony

    Celebrating 30 years of INfire: a legacy of pioneering missions that transcends generations! Join us in honoring William Marcus Young's extraordinary journey and his belief in the profound power of God's love. Let's continue to spread faith and hope together.

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Fulfill your purpose

Whether questions keep you up at night or just blink in your periphery, the answer is, yes, always yes. 

Yes, there is more meaning to be found in your life. Yes, you can do, grow, and be more. Yes, you can help make the world a better place. Yes, you have the courage to begin this journey.

And we can help.

Bring change into your organization

With decades of work in Southeast Asia rescuing child soldiers and building relationships with perpetrators of injustice, Marcus J. Young has insights and proven strategies for working through conflict.

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Meet Tina

Orphaned at four years old, Tina was about to be sold into a human trafficking ring when a worker from one of the children’s homes we support rescued her. Finding safety was the first step. Now Tina, and so many children just like her, struggle to get an education and avoid the dangers so prevalent in her region.