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A Biblical Model for Our Work

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Joseph endured a lot of hard times for hoping in God’s call. He spent time in prison and had everything taken away from him, but he remained firm in his convictions. He was a leader much like Oscar who I highlighted in a previous post. Oscar, like Joseph is called to feed people during hard times. He is a leader we can trust because he was already dedicated to his work before we met him. He would go hungry so his students could eat. 

We place a high value on finding and capacitating leaders like Joseph. But beyond being the type of leader we were looking for, Oscar was passionate about work we like to invest in, namely, programs that impact children. 

Our focus on child-centric work is based in a strategy that Jesus shares with us in Matthew 18. When the disciples asked Jesus how to become the greatest in his kingdom, his response centered around children. In fact, children were so important to him that he told them that welcoming a child was the same as welcoming Jesus himself. Jesus’ messages often touched on the importance of children to his Kingdom. I believe Jesus was trying to impart to those listening a strategy for cultural transformation: impacting children. 

“Our focus on children is rooted in what I believe to be a model for transformation shared with us by Jesus himself.”

This is why we have made working with children one of the centerpieces of our approach. Our focus on children is rooted in what I believe to be a model for transformation shared with us by Jesus himself. The Bible is full of these kinds of strategies. They are strategies meant to increase our impact, and we have seen that adhering to them does just that. This is why we are constantly looking at our projects and asking how we are doing within these frameworks.

If you are interested in learning more about how to align your organization within scriptural frameworks I would love to have a conversation with you. This is a topic that we have spent a lot of time learning about and testing in the real world. 

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