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Myanmar Crisis Relief

How the conflict began…

February 1, 2021 – The Tatmadaw military seized control over elected government officials leading to the collapse of the peace process.

April 2021 – About 6,500 citizens in the Karen State alone were displaced from their homes.

April 21, 2021 – The CDC issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory for Burma, making it difficult for humanitarian aid workers to get in and out of the country to bring help.

Today – Civilians are still displaced from their homes, hiding in the jungles and in desperate need of relief. JPI has created a Crisis Response Management Team and partnered with other organizations to deliver food, supplies, training and resources, but we need your help too!

What’s happening now?

Explosions, hundreds of them, popped off across Myanmar in the past weeks. Fragmentation and violence continues to grow. New armed splinter groups emerge to resist the Burmese military but elicit tenuous trust of any government. What is happening in Myanmar is terrible but it is just a darker part of the shadow of totalitarian greed spilling past existing restraints globally. We’ve watched it gradually creeping across SE Asia and even our entire planet but corona virus has intensified the temptation of power.


What can you do?

How do we answer this dark shadow hanging over our planet? I don’t know, I pray often for insight and wisdom on how to respond. I know we shouldn’t give up hope, be it a glimmer or a flame. We need take courage and apply our faith to do what we can, small or big to show God’s care. Joining with us on these points of resistance to oppression is a good place to begin.

Protection from the elements in the jungle is a huge immediate need that you could help fulfill with a $60 Protection Kit:


What are we doing?

In Myanmar, these are our current responses:

  1. Care for displaced families hiding in the jungle. We have served what has developed into a long term community of leaders and friends working in a region rife with unrest and human trafficking. Currently because of Myanmar Military attacks, tens of thousands are displaced. Our targets remain children, but we serve their families, local leaders, and especially churches as we can.
  2. Protect and love children. We are currently working with 6 children’s homes in the Shan State of Myanmar. Our goal is to give them as safety net: a three month supply of food and assist with small scale food sustainability programs like gardens and chickens.
  3. Capacitate and serve local leaders. We are currently offering training in freedom from trauma, entrepreneurship, oral storying scriptures, and loving enemies.
  4. Work together to get the job done. This is not about us, it is about a bigger picture to reflect God’s heart and justice in the world. We partner and build trust with other non profits, communities and churches
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Join our fight

Help us stand in the line of fire for children in conflict