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    A Revival of Loving Your Enemies is Coming… and You Can Join

    I dream of a church that paints huge targets of love on her enemies. Could we be a church that has a reputation for aggressively loving, blessing, and praying for terrorists, democrats, republicans, evil bosses, colleagues, betrayers, etc.?

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    Dreaming with Leaders

    Many organizations work within a prescribed—or a one-size-fits-all—approach to impacting their respective communities. Where these approaches can fall short is in failing to recognize and empower the most important vision of all: that of the local leaders…

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    Former Child Soldier Turns Entrepreneur

    It's amazing what can come out of a life of oppression. 

    Emmanuel Jal, a young man from South Sudan, grew up in a life that many of us cannot imagine. At 7, he was forced to become a child solider to fight in the South Sudan civil war. He says that one of his most haunting memories is from when he was tempted to eat one of his fellow soldiers for survival.