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A Revival of Loving Your Enemies is Coming… and You Can Join

Have you ever seen a community transformed into a body of Kingdom disciples through simple love for enemies? I have. 

Most of you know INfire practices the power of radical love for enemies to unleash God’s power and presence in some of the darkest situations on planet earth—including drug cartels, human trafficking, rebel militias, insurgents and working with child soldiers. 

Over the years I’ve learned a little bit about loving enemies, and though I know I have a lot more to learn, I’m excited to share what I have discovered with you through a free LIVE webinar on Tuesday, October 19 at 1PM Eastern (EDT). 

I dream of a church that paints huge targets of love on her enemies. Could we be a church that has a reputation for aggressively loving, blessing, and praying for terrorists, democrats, republicans, evil bosses, colleagues, betrayers, etc.?

In today’s polarized society, you would be hard-pressed to go even a day without encountering someone (or something) that poses a potential threat to you, your family, and all that you believe. This has become more than just a personal offense.

There is a desperate need for an answer to the rise in violence, rage, injustice, and the rising clashes over class, human rights, racism, patriotism, and every other -ism plaguing our world.

I would love to show you how engaging our enemies in love may be one of Jesus’ most powerful strategies for demonstrating God’s Kingdom in the coming days! 

In this free webinar, your faith will be stirred with stories of loving the unlovable, wisdom from the front lines, and keys to join in the coming revival of love right where you are.

If you long to be a person with the authentic spiritual authority that comes from radical love, you won’t want to miss this FREE live webinar.