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    Following Jesus with Our Revenge 

    Jesus can be harsh while maintaining complete love and keeping the best interests of those he is confronting in mind. We simply can’t. Our love frays, loses shape, and eventually implodes when we plunge into harshness.

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    When Is It Right To Be Wrong?

    Recently I asked what God is trying to teach his Church about the nature of “truth in love” as we are hitting scores of ideological opportunities like politics, racism, sexuality, and religious freedom to conflict and divide. This problem rubs awkwardly against Jesus prayer for a Church that demonstrates him through their unity. (John 17:21)

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    Four Generations of Hope for Myanmar

    When we are forced as people into choosing war over nonviolence, it is a terrible line we cross. Myanmar (Burma) is crossing such a line in its civil conflict with the army. Buddhists (most of the Burmese) and Christians (many of the indigenous ethnics) who lived against violence now are making hard choices. I do not envy them.