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    New Southern Kamoo Rice Paddy

    One of our Children’s Home (currently of 50 children) has been hit hard by the pandemic and the civil conflict in Myanmar. But we have an amazing opportunity to create better food security and sustainability for them by purchasing a 3.4 acre rice paddy!

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    New Children’s Home

    Two of INfire’s church leaders in Myanmar know firsthand what it means to be at risk for child soldiering. They are actually both former child soldiers and graduates from INfire’s education programs. And they have built some amazing connections that will give the same opportunity to dozens of more children just like them.

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    The First Footage of Child Soldiers I Ever Saw

    Years ago, I gave my friend Sam a video camera and asked him to find us the darkest place we could serve. The footage he came back with broke me.

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    Relief Delivery Day

    Joe and the team’s hearts sank when they saw the sad people. The smell was sometimes awful from dead animals and people, many killed by the widespread landmines.

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    Responding to Myanmar’s Crisis

    Explosions, hundreds of them, popped off across the country the past weeks… If you’ve been following along as the conflict in Myanmar has unfolded since February, you know that thousands have been displaced from their homes, hiding in the jungles, and struggling to survive.

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    Four Generations of Hope for Myanmar

    When we are forced as people into choosing war over nonviolence, it is a terrible line we cross. Myanmar (Burma) is crossing such a line in its civil conflict with the army. Buddhists (most of the Burmese) and Christians (many of the indigenous ethnics) who lived against violence now are making hard choices. I do not envy them.

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    Understanding Myanmar’s Crisis

    China is in everyone’s global spotlight, even though Myanmar is the one bleeding. How far will China extend its interests? Will it take a clear and active role?

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    Visiting Myanmar

    Out of the four children we interviewed, each was the first and only child in their family to study beyond grade 3.

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    Burma’s Kachin Face Human Trafficking Threat Along Chinese Border (VIDEO)

    This touching and informative video highlights the unthinkable reality faced by tribal women in unstable regions, such as the Upper Mekong. Women and children easily become involved in fighting and human trafficking - even those who are lucky enough to escape those situations, must live with the trauma for the rest of their lives. There are also many children born to trafficked women who will grow up never knowing their fathers and may fall back into the same cycle that trapped their mothers. 

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    Supporter Spotlight: Rob Hunter – “White Man Bring Fire.”

    The work we do is hard and often heartbreaking. But working with children is a unique opportunity that allows us to bring joy in simple and unexpected ways. 

    Rob Hunter, one of our Canadian partners, recently took a trip through the Upper Mekong Region to visit a few of our projects. During a day trip to one of our our children's homes, he discovered fire was a great cure for boredom! 

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    Myanmar: The United Wa State Army’s Uncertain Future

    The United Wa State Army, once recognized as the world's largest narcotics trafficking organization and Myanmar's strongest ethnic minority army, finds itself at a strategic crossroads amid broad changes to the country's political landscape...

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    A Resilient Girl Named Song

    A Song of Resilience  “My father was a drug addict and it made him crazy bad.  In fact, one day, he took a meat cleaver and beat mother’s legs and ran off.  We never saw him again.  I was really young at that time.  My older Sis remembers more.  Mom was at the hospital for ...

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    Country Study: Burma, Part 1

    Project: AK-47 is committed to reclaiming children from armed conflict, wherever they may be. In one sense, a child soldier is a child soldier, but we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the differences between the countries we work in. It may seem obvious, but a child soldier in Burma does not have the same experience as a child in the Philippines. Like the rest of us, these children are in large part defined by their cultures. This child is an individual, a product of his context—for better or worse—and it is our goal to work within this culture to restore the child to a life free from violence.

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    Myanmar (Burma), U.S. Ties Restored

    Karen-men-007 January has been a positive month for Myanmar(Burma). As you may remember, Sec. Of State Hillary Clinton visited the country in mid-December. There has been much reform over the last year and Sec. Clinton’s visit was to assess the authenticity of said reform. Since that visit the Myanmar governing powers have been busy. After ...

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    Did Hope Come To Burma Today?

    We believe that where there are ripples, there can be waves. We believe that where there are waves, there can be a flood. Today there are ripples of hope for the people of Burma.