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What Does it Look Like to be a Pioneer?


Pioneers often:

  1. Are ahead of their vehicle, their way of getting to destination and have to wait for it to catch up.

  2. Do many things the hard way because the easy way either hasn’t been invented yet or is just, too easy.

  3. Don’t need to be the smartest people, just need to be willing to try a different path forward.

  4. Are often a threshold for other later adopters who are more “refined” than they are to take what the pioneer learned to the next level.

  5. Don’t recognize boundaries of what is accepted, which messes with the people who build their lives by those boundaries; i.e. are often challenged and misunderstood.

  6. Aren’t recognized until after they are long dead.

These axioms aren’t always the case, but are often the case, so if you love being a pioneer, it’s easiest if you accept these in trade for the joy of being on the bleeding edge of something.