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A Word to the American Church in 2020

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Learn openness to people who are “wrong.” Find ways to hear God’s amazing heart through them. The United States is experiencing one of its cycles division and polarization. Let’s take some responsibility and pray into being a part of God’s answer in healing the wounds and divides. What steps can you take in your personal spheres? If the church desires to be any kind of authentic leader in bringing peace, she needs to learn to dialogue. This means I listen to the person very distant from me. I hear God’s redemptive heart for them and for myself. 

Yes, truth is very important but it needs thrust high in the forge-fire of the church: her primary work of reconciliation and forgiveness. The one place it can shine true, not blackened by our junk. 

Our churches are becoming just as divided as our nation. We are imbibing addicts of a western culture and have lost our outflow of new wine, the beautiful culture of Jesus’ kingdom. Sit down with the neighbor you think is the enemy: Maybe it’s the pastor nearby who is a confessed homosexual. Maybe it’s that ignorant and opinionated Trump supporter. It could be that over-educated liberal christian who doesn’t go to church or God forbid is a woman and a strong leader. What about that fundamentalist who seems to spew loud hate at the world you love? Learn from them until you have God’s heart for them.

Who do you need to learn from? Can you get past the masks or move past the difference language and see what God may be up to? Maybe he has something to say that neither side is trying to say, but can hear only if we get a little (lot) more humble. 

Don’t forget the poor. This is a simple protection for our hearts in 2020. When we get too disconnected, we lose touch with people and their needs, and our message becomes less than credible. 

What will you do today to bridge between groups and classes? Jesus spent time with bad and good people. You find him in the homes of the religious, political and prosperous. You also find in the homes of friends. Half his core band were religious-political zealots. Don’t be afraid little church people, don’t fear those different from you, you have an amazing Father God who is with you, ready to give you more of his heart. 

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