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We may not have all the money or resources in the world, but that doesn’t mean that 20-somethings are not an asset to ending the plight of child soldiers.

Here are 4 everyday things we can do that, in reality, are revolutionary:

1. Be an ADVOCATE and use the WEB as your Microphone.

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Update your facebook status, twitter feed or blog. Inform your friends about the epidemic of children being used for war and armed conflict. For information and updates on the issue:

On the web:

On facebook:

On twitter:

2. Find YOUR EXPRESSION to give them a Face in this world.

streetart childsoldiers

There are an estimated 300,000+ child soldiers on earth today. In most situations, they are reduced to being identified by a number, leaving them nameless and faceless to the world. We can use our creativity to give them their face back.

Here are a few ideas:

If you’re a musician, write songs for them.

If you’re a visual artist, draw or paint pictures of them.

If you’re a college student, write papers on them.

If you’re an actor, create plays that make people aware of them.

If you’re a writer, write books, articles, or blogs about them.

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Dog Tag Photo Laura Marie Beckwith


Project: AK-47 has made dog tags, each one labeled with the name of an active child soldier in Asia. By wearing them around your neck, you’re representing and advocating for these otherwise nameless and faceless children to the world.

Purchase your dog tags @


4. Trade a Latte 4 Liberation.

Yes, we’ve all heard “For the price of two cups of coffee, you can…”[fill in the blank].  Well, we’re jumping on that bandwagon because it’s true.  We can, in fact, help care for a rescued child soldier for the price we’d pay for a couple lattes. Skip a few shots of caffeine each week and give just $7 to rehabilitate a child.  Give @