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    The First Footage of Child Soldiers I Ever Saw

    Years ago, I gave my friend Sam a video camera and asked him to find us the darkest place we could serve. The footage he came back with broke me.

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    Introducing IN:FIRE

    We’re excited about the developments in store, and we’d love to invite you to join us in anticipating the launch of IN:FIRE this October. 

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    Local Spirits vs Education

    …They thought that if they allowed their children to study that evil spirits would curse their family and they would all die.

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    The First High School Graduate

    There were a lot of shoot outs…I even remember my teacher telling us to lay on the floor, because the shootings would even happen during daytime…

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    Leaders Without Guns

    This area is favorable for rebel armies and for good reason...

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    We Need Education Badly

    We need education badly. We need to study our letters. Help us, that we aren’t carrying weapons of war but are people of worth.

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    I am afraid to be a soldier

    “Whenever people talk about guns, soldiers, or the war, I feel afraid…”

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    I was afraid I would not see my parents again…

    I was afraid I would not see my parents again before I died.

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    Operation Blessing

    Grandma was struggling with heavy drinking and drug use. Her grandkids’ complaints of hunger buzzed annoyingly in her ears, but she couldn’t push past the fog and driving need of her addiction. Her grandkids, desperate and driven by sharp hunger pains, began frequenting the market to beg. Their noses ran; fevers and open sores were frequent from lack of nutrition and care. Mother had abandoned them to grandma. There was no one to turn ...

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    Giving Tuesday

    As you read this, there are students and former child soldiers that we support who are in danger of being conscripted into the military. To tell you the truth, some of them already have been, and their families are at risk too.

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    Visiting Myanmar

    Out of the four children we interviewed, each was the first and only child in their family to study beyond grade 3.

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    Help Us Keep Students Out of Combat

    “Most of these kids, if they cannot go to school, they marry at 13 years old, 15 years old…either they marry or they go into the army?”

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    Setting New Goals Through Soccer

    It’s difficult to know how many people have died as a result of the drug war in Mexico. Some estimates put the civilian casualty rate at over 160,000 since 2007, a number that surpasses both Iraq and Afghanistan combined. In the midst of all these numbers are family members: brothers, fathers, women, and sadly, children.

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    Bomb Attacks Claim 4 More Lives in Mindanao

    Two explosions from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) have rocked Sultan Kudarat Province, Mindanao, Philippines recently, claiming 4 lives and injuring 49.

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    Culture of Conflict

    As tragic as Maria’s is, stories like these are not uncommon here. Children in this region of Mindanao are traumatized by, trained in, and raised up in a culture of conflict.

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