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The Power of One Life


The Power of One Life – Your Life

Life cause

Life cause

Every person on the face of the earth has been created with amazing potential, limited only by their imagination and faith. Each one of us is worth far more than we could ever comprehend, yet from birth, there seems to be some unseen conspiracy to convince us that we are worthless and incompetent – that we just can’t be right or get it right … that we really can’t make a difference in our world.

Many have been the recipients of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, neglect, criticism, abandonment, and unfulfilled promises. We all experience failure, rejection, discouragement, disappointment, and disillusionment in our lives. The dark conspiracy works to shut us down at an early age, and continues until we breathe our last breath.

Many people on the planet succumb to the stress and pressure to conform to the mediocrity of the masses, but a rare breed rises up above the fray.

Passion and Potential

Passion and Potential

If you have been hurt by the words or treatment of others, have been discouraged by rejection or criticism, or have been disillusioned by the apathy of the majority, remember the power of one life. All it takes is one voice and one person to make a difference. Be ready and willing to stand up and speak up. You only get one shot, so make it count. Wake up and live every day to rise above the mediocrity of the masses and the rest of civilization to make a real life and find true purpose. Choose today and every day to be that one life that will make a difference in the world, at least in someone’s world.

Project: AK-47 provides opportunities for people to work together to change history and destiny for children who are being exploited as child soldiers. During the month of November, 2012, we need to build two schools in the mountains of Mindanao that will empower over 100 children to become students with a hopeful future instead of soldiers caught up in a horrible fight. To build these schools and to staff them with teachers, we need your help. For only $4,500, we can build one school and for another $4,000 we can pay for a teacher, books and education materials for the school for an entire year. Some families could afford to change the history and destiny of 50 children in a village with a single gift. Many of us couldn’t afford that, but if enough of us gave what we could, we could change the world for the children in these two villages by the end of this year. Never doubt that each one of us has the ability to change the world, at least someone’s world, today. Never underestimate the power of one life … your life. We all can become history-makers. 

Most people settle for mediocre lives because mediocrity is the path of least resistance. When we choose to pursue lives of purpose, we will be continually stretched to higher levels beyond our previously self-imposed limits … and oh how it hurts. Always remember that what doesn’t kill us truly makes us stronger. When we get to the place where we feel we can no longer endure, we look to the one who created us for great things, and we realize that there is no limit to the things we can do and the places we can go.

So, how are you being stretched these days? Every time we are stretched, our capacity is expanded and we will never be the same.  Never forget that a mind and life once stretched, can never return to its original shape. Why would we ever want it to be?

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