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“What’s Behind The Black Bars?” – The Story of the PROJECT AK-47 Logo

Black bars are often used to hide facts and faces. This is a real practice called sanitization. It is used to bring materials with high level secrets or sensitive information to the public without exposing critical pieces. The black bars in our logo symbolize not only a hidden story, but an identity in need of protection. 


PROJECT AK-47 black bars


You will find them on photos of our team members and children who are still at risk in the conflict zones of Mexico, the Philippines, and the Upper Mekong Region. 


Children in armed conflict are molded into anonymous killers, slaves and prostitutes. 

We have met these children. Learned their names. Seen their faces. Heard their heartbreaking stories. But the threat of violence is so great, we cannot share all of this information with you while a child is still at risk. So we place the black bars over their eyes to protect them. 


We want you to be curious about the story under the black bars. We want you to ask questions, tell everyone you know, and fight for the children whose identities we must protect. So that one day, the bars can be removed and we can share their stories, and celebrate their rescue. 


What’s behind the black bars?  The truth.