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Responding to Myanmar’s Crisis

Explosions, hundreds of them, popped off across the country the past weeks. Fragmentation and violence continues to grow. New armed splinter groups emerge to resist the Burmese military but elicit tenuous trust of any government. If you’ve been following along as the conflict in Myanmar has unfolded since February, you know that tens of thousands have been displaced from their homes, hiding in the jungles, and struggling to survive. 

What is happening in Myanmar is terrible but it is just a darker part of the shadow of totalitarian greed spilling past existing restraints globally. We’ve watched it gradually creeping across SE Asia and even our entire planet but corona virus has intensified the temptation of power.

How do we answer this dark shadow hanging over our planet? I don’t know, I pray often for insight and wisdom on how to respond. I know we shouldn’t give up hope, be it a glimmer or a flame. We need take courage and apply our faith to do what we can, small or big to show God’s care. Joining with us to resist oppression is a good place to begin. 

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Paul reflects there is a wisdom that the archon, the rulers, which probably reflected both supernatural and human powers, do not have (1 Corinthians 2). Ours is the foolish wisdom of Christ crucified, graciously revealed by God’s Spirit. This awkward wisdom which existing powers continue to deride as weak has not altered for us. The cross of Jesus profoundly reveals the depths of God in a way that offers hope when there is none. Our world faces massive problems with more terrifying ones to come, but hope always rises when we fix our eyes on Jesus. He remains the price tag of our costly ransom and our fierce advocate within the heavenly courts.

Thanks for being part of the journey with us to manifest the goodness of God in hard places. Take courage, when our torch flickers like a match stick flame or Bic lighter. Truth and love do not diminish in potency just because they look or feel small. 

To learn more about the Crisis in Myanmar check out my previous blog “Understanding Myanmar’s Crisis” and head over to the INfire news page for updates.

Grateful for each of you,

Marcus Young