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Josh’s story

Violence breaks families. Six-year-old Josh knew that all too well.

Fighting had erupted in a neighboring village. Gunfire was ringing in their ears, Josh and his family fled the region, walking for a week to cross the border of a nearby country in the Upper Mekong Region. 

One of Josh’s brothers disappeared during the journey. Eighteen years later, the family has not heard from him since. 

In a new country, unable to speak the language, and without a government ID, life was difficult for displaced families like Josh’s. He never considered joining the military, but another brother and many of his friends left to join the fighting. 

When the fighting died down, his family returned to their old village but Josh chose to remain. INfire’s local leaders heard about Josh’s needs and reached out to him. 

INfire’s leaders helped Josh attend school while he stayed at a safe house. Now 24 years old, he is proud to have recently completed high school. He represents the kind of at-risk children you are reaching by your support. 

He’s currently working and saving money in hopes of attending university. 

Since he doesn’t have a Thai ID, his path to be accepted into university will be difficult — but that isn’t  stopping him from trying. He hopes that after he graduates he’ll be able to become a tour guide.

We love that Josh is still dreaming, even in the face of difficult odds. He has been a great help to different teams and organization coming through the area. We love that he wants to be a tour guide one day and that he deeply loves Jesus! 

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