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    Lang is a resilient 17-year-old who was born and raised amidst the chaos of war in Myanmar. Despite the constant threat of violence, Lang holds onto hope for a brighter future, nurtured by the support of a shelter home and the unwavering belief in God's protection. From a life entrenched in conflict to daring to dream of becoming a professional football player, Lang's journey embodies the power of resilience and the pursuit of hope amidst adversity.

  • Mariflor


    Life for Mariflor has always been something to appreciate. Born into a farming family in the country village of Gaoquin, in the province of Leyte, Phillipines, she never had much. But it was enough. 

  • Youg man


    Joseph waited for days for his father and brother to come home. Days turned into weeks. Then months. But 10-year-old Joseph didn’t lose hope. His father and brother had just walked into the jungle — he was sure they’d be back any day.

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    Anna is one of five daughters who grew up in a region that, until recently, was the largest producer of heroin in the world. One out of every two children was forced into drug-funded rebel armies. Anna became one of those children at 11 years old.

  • Josh


    Violence breaks families. Six-year-old Josh knew that all too well. Fighting had erupted in a neighboring village. Gunfire was ringing in their ears, Josh and his family fled the region, walking for a week to cross the border of a nearby country in the Upper Mekong Region. 

  • Jake


    “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Jake sat on the ship, reading the words in Hebrews 13, unsure of his destination but comforted by God’s promise. Jake had been a young student at a university in the Philippines. He had also been a drug courier and professional assassin.

  • Henda


    Henda is the fourth of five sisters born in a small town in the Upper Mekong Region filled with drug trafficking, tribal feuds, and much hatred and corruption. Because Henda’s family was prohibited from trafficking drugs due to local interests, the family had no other choice except to live in poverty.

  • Tina


    One of the first things you notice about Tina is her smile – it lights up the room – which makes it hard to imagine that only ten years ago she was an orphan about to be sold to another person. “My parents died when I was four years old, and somebody tried to sell me for 15 dollars,” she shared with us.

  • Yeksi


    Tears flowed down Yeksi’s cheeks as she knelt before God in prayer. She recalled the difficulties in her childhood – her mom entrusting her four younger siblings to her at the age of 7, her family’s financial struggles when her father underwent surgery, the harsh chaos in her home.

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    Yamon’s Story

    A child at risk of being recruited for child soldiering? In 2020? How could this be possible? There are three main factors that contribute to these types of situations…

  • Oscar27sStory

    Oscar’s Story

    When we met Oscar we could see his heart to help his community: his desire to educate, to keep children out of militant groups, to improve the quality of life in their remote village. We could see it so clearly was because he was already doing it—and without pay.

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    Surrounded by Drugs and Darkness: Gerardo’s Story of Hope

    There truly aren't words strong enough to describe the darkness Gerardo experienced growing up the son of a drug cartel's hitman. 

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    Adolfo’s Story: ‘I wasn’t alone any more’

    Growing up in a small town in Central Mexico, Adolfo was no stranger to the two biggest problems plaguing his hometown: poverty and drugs. 

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    Ali and Dallah’s Journey Part 2

    To attend school, Ali and Dallah both had to sacrifice a great deal. Ali and Dallah had to move away from their family and friends to be close to school, into an area with a diverse cultural makeup. These new changes presented significant obstacles for Ali and Dallah. 

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    Ali and Dallah’s Journey Part 1

    There is a great need in the remote areas of the Philippines for child education. The sheer distance makes it impossible for most children to attend school, so parents are forced to rely upon teaching what is necessary for survival—weapons training.