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Yeksi’s story

A child’s testimony of papa God’s faithfulness in the mids of a pandemic and conflict

“Dear Jesus, what will happen to us now? Will we not finish our studies?”

Tears flowed down Yeksi’s cheeks as she knelt before God in prayer. She recalled the difficulties in her childhood – her mom entrusting her four younger siblings to her at the age of 7, her family’s financial struggles when her father underwent surgery, the harsh chaos in her home. She tearfully remembered running away for a few days to avoid the heavy responsibility of looking after her siblings. She also recalled the regular pangs of hunger.

Her panic floated to the present moment. Yeksi and the other children at Momma Angie’s home had just been informed that many partners could no longer give support because of Covid and the ongoing conflict in Myanmar. They were running low on food. Anxiety began to surge, occupying 16-year-old Yeksi’s thoughts like lances of fear.

She was gathered now with the rest of the children in the shelter, pleading to God for help alongside their house parents. “Lord, please help Mother-Teacher Angie to find food. God, please grant us a miracle. You promise to take care of us. We pray that we will never run out of food. I want to finish school so I can go back and help my family and the rest of my Wa tribe.”

Yeksi is a shy but kind girl among the 28 kids in the shelter. She has lived there for about 8 years and tells us how grateful and blessed she feels to be given such an opportunity.

Shortly after this, the Lord answered Yeksi’s prayers through your generous support! When Yeksi saw Mommy Angie come into the shelter with arms full of food supplies, Yeksi and the other children were literally jumping in joy, thanking and praising the Lord for answering their prayers. And then of course, Yeksi gave a big hug to Mommy Angie.

“God never fails! This is a miracle!” Yeksi reflected. “There is not one day food has run out throughout the pandemic and now the civil-military conflict of 2021! I have learned here that God is always taking care of us…”

That night, she felt the love of Jesus surrounding her and assuring her that she will finish her studies. As she fell asleep, her thoughts drifted to her long-time childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant to see different countries and make money for her family. “I dream that one day I can look after my aging parents, support a church and help many needy people in my village back home.”

Yeksi wanted to give you a few words: “In gratitude I tell you, I cannot give back to you for your gifts to us, but I will keep praying that God will bless you always for your kindness.” And she knows first-hand, God is listening to those prayers.

Be a part of the next story of God’s faithfulness towards the children at Angie’s Home. Civil conflict continues to rage around them. Join us in bold prayer that the Lord would heal this conflict and provide for these children.

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