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INfire’s work is to create and fund sustainable missions in conflict areas that ultimately free children from militant groups, empower through education, and proclaim good news. There are 3 interconnected sustainability projects that we are looking to fund and we need your help!

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This project will cover materials costs and support four teachers going into a remote, conflict-prone area to educate and serve 135 children for one year. These teachers are like Oscar. They do so much more than simply teach – they deliver hope!

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The second project will fund the purchase of a banana farm. This banana farm will annually support eight teachers after one year!

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The third project will expand our “Love Your Enemy” movement, putting Marcus’s book Love Your Enemy and other LYE training materials into the hands of leaders and children in conflict areas.

Watch the video below to meet Oscar. He is a dear friend, leader and school teacher in SE Asia whose life and work in his community has been greatly impacted by the Gospel. The 3 projects above will support other teachers and leaders like Oscar in conflict-prone areas of SE Asia.

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