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    Sustainability Projects

    Two of INfire’s church leaders in Myanmar know firsthand what it means to be at risk for child soldiering. They are actually both former child soldiers and graduates from INfire’s education programs. And they have built some amazing connections that will give the same opportunity to dozens of more children just like them.

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    New Southern Kamoo Rice Paddy

    One of our Children’s Home (currently of 50 children) has been hit hard by the pandemic and the civil conflict in Myanmar. But we have an amazing opportunity to create better food security and sustainability for them by purchasing a 3.4 acre rice paddy!

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    The Power of a Bowl of Rice

    Food security is the most basic, practical step in protecting children. When people have food, children are sold and traded much less.

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    Hope for a Better Future

    It is a mistake to “wait till Jesus returns” to do anything about our world’s future now. Doing so would poorly reflect God’s true heart today. This is a time when a clearer picture of His heart is needed for the matriculation of our planet’s leadership in the new world order…

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    In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan (Hurricane Yolanda) many towns are desperately low on food and supplies and have inadequate shelter. Much of this has been caused by a slow reaction from the Philippine government and supplies getting delayed in warehouses. 

    There is little cooperation between NGO's, government entities, and independent people coming to assist. Because of this, it is easy for multiple relief organizations to end up working on top of each other and miss other locations completely. We are working hard to ensure that we are addressing the areas of greatest need and that our presence is a benefit to other relief groups.