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    A Revival of Loving Your Enemies is Coming… and You Can Join

    I dream of a church that paints huge targets of love on her enemies. Could we be a church that has a reputation for aggressively loving, blessing, and praying for terrorists, democrats, republicans, evil bosses, colleagues, betrayers, etc.?

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    The Truer Your Love, The Truer Your Truth

    You can reverse this idea and say, “the truer your truth, the truer your love,” but you must start with the truth found in the agape, functional and pure love of the Trinity. Love is primal and its perfect reflection will never come from a human in self discovery. Truth must still be baptized in love for it to have power to create positive change in a heart or in our world. How are you presenting your views on truth?

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    Praying Psalms for Enemies

    Only Jesus can hate an enemy yet greater still, ferociously love them through the laid down love of his cross. I can mature in this path but only within the grace of Jesus’ life. If I am to say anything against an enemy, I should invite God’s Spirit to search me and know my depths. This deep searching by the Spirit will prepare my heart to love an enemy beyond my hatred. Only from Jesus’ perspective can I see an enemy’s value in heaven more than I despise their potential for hell.

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    Who Is Your Enemy?

    Christians in this area sometimes face persecution, and missionaries and businessmen have been the target of many kidnappings and executions (including beheadings). The region has been fraught with raids and massacres by militant groups.

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    Love Your Enemy

    When Jesus asks us to love our enemies, it is from a position of authority on the topic. Jesus is the very embodiment of loving one’s enemy. He gave his life in love and service to the very people who took it, and he calls us to do the same.

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    Fostering Peace in Violent Regions

    Many of the regions we work have been steeped in decades of violence. Militant groups capitalize on this culture by actively recruiting among the youth, offering them paid positions in rebel groups and using education to try to convince them to join extremist causes.

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    Hearing God Through Enemies

    Learning to hear God through our enemies is very powerful. God is often speaking to us in matters where we are blind and deaf. However, an enemy’s words and actions are sharp enough to penetrate our barriers to hearing God’s voice.

    There are three categories of questions developed in my blog when faithfully practiced, will train us to hear God through others who are very different than us, especially enemies. If you are serious about avoiding racism and finding postures of tolerance that are healthy, these questions are worth your time.

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    The Unique Gift Of Forgiveness We Can Give

    How powerful is the gift of forgiveness? How is forgiveness uniquely different for God's people? Jump into the blog to learn more!

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    Judging With A Purpose

    When we judge something, we are actually determining its purpose, it's functionality. How do we apply judging to positively impact other people around us?

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    Enemies or Friends?

    The picture is of Zoe Guasa and myself. We are both advocates and do workshops for leaders and communities on Love Your Enemy (LYE). The setting is a remote village that has some great LYE stories. Did you every have an enemy who later became a good friend? Did you every have a very good ...

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