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    A Revival of Loving Your Enemies is Coming… and You Can Join

    I dream of a church that paints huge targets of love on her enemies. Could we be a church that has a reputation for aggressively loving, blessing, and praying for terrorists, democrats, republicans, evil bosses, colleagues, betrayers, etc.?

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    Praying Psalms for Enemies

    Only Jesus can hate an enemy yet greater still, ferociously love them through the laid down love of his cross. I can mature in this path but only within the grace of Jesus’ life. If I am to say anything against an enemy, I should invite God’s Spirit to search me and know my depths. This deep searching by the Spirit will prepare my heart to love an enemy beyond my hatred. Only from Jesus’ perspective can I see an enemy’s value in heaven more than I despise their potential for hell.

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    Who Is Your Enemy?

    Christians in this area sometimes face persecution, and missionaries and businessmen have been the target of many kidnappings and executions (including beheadings). The region has been fraught with raids and massacres by militant groups.