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    Understanding Myanmar’s Crisis

    China is in everyone’s global spotlight, even though Myanmar is the one bleeding. How far will China extend its interests? Will it take a clear and active role?

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    Christmas in the Philippines

    If you love Christmas, you should visit us in the Philippines!  The yuletide season marked by the start of the fall months is a joyous celebration that focuses on food, family, and fun. Anywhere with electricity, Christmas songs drift out over the radio and television.  Christmas songs can be heard around the clock: riding in public transportation, shopping in markets or passing by homes. 

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    Asi es la vida – Such is Life in Mexico

    I've been in and out of Mexico recently, working with our field team on the ground. The stories I've come across in the short time since we started working here have been disturbing. Today, a lady came to us with tears streaming down her face, begging for help, since her two brothers had been kidnapped two days ago. The ransom is a million pesos (about $85,000). She recounted to us what had happened...