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    COVID-19 Relief & Food Report

    Two of INfire’s church leaders in Myanmar know firsthand what it means to be at risk for child soldiering. They are actually both former child soldiers and graduates from INfire’s education programs. And they have built some amazing connections that will give the same opportunity to dozens of more children just like them.

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    Bomb Attacks Claim 4 More Lives in Mindanao

    Two explosions from improvised explosive devices (IEDs) have rocked Sultan Kudarat Province, Mindanao, Philippines recently, claiming 4 lives and injuring 49.

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    Seeking Peace: An Update from Mindanao

    Out here, military and police checkpoints seem as common as fruit-stands. Outside every school is a green sign with bold white letters stating simply: “This school is a ZONE OF PEACE. Let us protect it from conflict.” Security is tight and it needs to be.

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    Ali and Dallah’s Journey Part 2

    To attend school, Ali and Dallah both had to sacrifice a great deal. Ali and Dallah had to move away from their family and friends to be close to school, into an area with a diverse cultural makeup. These new changes presented significant obstacles for Ali and Dallah. 

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    Ali and Dallah’s Journey Part 1

    There is a great need in the remote areas of the Philippines for child education. The sheer distance makes it impossible for most children to attend school, so parents are forced to rely upon teaching what is necessary for survival—weapons training.

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    Christmas in the Philippines

    If you love Christmas, you should visit us in the Philippines!  The yuletide season marked by the start of the fall months is a joyous celebration that focuses on food, family, and fun. Anywhere with electricity, Christmas songs drift out over the radio and television.  Christmas songs can be heard around the clock: riding in public transportation, shopping in markets or passing by homes. 

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    Ali and Dallah: Trading Bullets for Books

    “I was trained to always be ready. I slept in my shoes. My bags packed, always within reach,” recalls Joy (name changed to protect her identity), local Project Coordinator in the Philippines. She credits her early childhood experiences, running for her life, for birthing in her a burden to help the children still at-risk in her home community. 

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    Martial Law in Mindanao

    On Tuesday May 23rd, a violent gun battle began in Marawi City after government troops raided the hideout of Isnilon Hapilon. Hapilon is the leader of Abu Sayyaf, meaning “bearer of the sword”, a violent jihadist group in the southern Philippines—notorious for attacking civilians and armies alike. (BBC)

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    The Healing Continues!

    We are excited to let you know, the healing continues! Our local partner, the BAMATA tribal council, was able to offer land for all the displaced families to build their temporary shelters. With food, shelter, and medical needs met, attention was turned towards restoring the rhythms of daily life. This includes families working together to prepare the ground for crops and children returning to school.

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    Donors Impacted HUNDREDS of Evacuees in Mindanao, Philippines

    We are truly grateful for your swift and generous response to our relief campaign. We asked and you answered! During the campaign, our local ground team further assisted the displaced communities by working with their leaders to mobilize aid from the local government; tap our local partner network to supplement purchased food, medicine and supplies; and, recruit doctors, nurses and other volunteers to join the mission.

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    200 Children Flee Bandits in the Philippines

    Three of our schools stand empty in the high mountain valleys of northeastern Mindanao, Philippines. The normal sounds of learning and laughter have been replaced by an eerie silence. A bandit gang, led by five brothers, has mounted an attack against the New People’s Army (NPA) and as a result, the region is in turmoil.

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    School Year Reflections

    As the 2015-2016 school year comes to a close in the Philippines, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what you helped accomplish as well as share with you hope for the future.  

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    How a Young Teacher and a Tiny, Jungle Schoolhouse are Changing Lives!

    At the start of the school year, eleven boys and fifteen girls, ranging from age three to age seventeen, clamored into the schoolhouse. The twenty-six students were divided into four grade levels (kindergarten, first, fourth and fifth) – all of which are taught by one teacher, a woman named Elsa.

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    Politics, Violence, and Injustice in the Philippines

    For decades, regions of Mindanao, Philippines, have suffered through dozens of failed peace treaties and continual unrest. The poor tactics of the Philippine government, coupled with the propensity for division among the ethnic people groups, have created ample opportunities for the radicalized rebels to destabilize the peace process. 

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    Our Latest Visit to Mindanao

    We climbed up a steep hill, past many makeshift houses, and surveyed the view. This village looked like many other villages I had visited over the years. But our guide, a key local advocate for Project AK-47, assured me there were plenty of soldiers (men, women and children) stationed just beyond the trees, watching us. We had just arrived at one of the many villages that house and station rebel soldiers in the hills of Mindanao, Philippines. We had been invited to meet with one of the most locally influential communist ideologists, Commander V. She amasses armies to fight the corrupt Philippine government and stand for the rights of the peasant farmers who have been trapped for many years in a corrupt system.