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  • Daniel

    Daniel, a Displaced Child of War

    Join us on an animated journey in the final episode of our series as we explore Daniel’s remarkable journey — a war-displaced child navigating adversities and facing corrupt leaders. Witness how his unconventional path aligns with God’s redemptive vision through Jesus. Daniel, a powerful witness, sheds light on the essence of rescue, inspiring InFire’s mission ...

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  • Untitled design 6

    Esther – an Orphan and a Slave

    Welcome to the penultimate episode of our animated video series, where we journey through the stories of children at risk in the Bible. Today, we’re diving into the captivating narrative of Esther that resonates deeply with the modern-day children who face trauma, injustice, and danger. Just as Esther once shielded her people, we, too, can ...

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  • DavidBanner

    David, a Child Soldier

    It’s great to have you back! We are now halfway through our animated video series that delves into the subject of children facing risks, from a biblical standpoint. In our fourth episode, we’ll be focusing on the remarkable journey of David, who transitioned from being a child soldier to becoming the revered King of Israel. ...

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  • mosesbanner 1

    Moses: A Genocide Survivor

    Welcome back to our six-part video series, where we delve into the gripping topic of children at risk through a biblical lens. In this third installment, we uncover the extraordinary journey of Moses, a survivor of genocide who emerged as the remarkable leader of Israel, leading them out of Egypt. Together, let’s bear witness to ...

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  • Untitled design 4

    Joseph- A Human Trafficking Victim

    Human trafficking is a huge and expanding issue today all over the world, but we'll better understand the reality of human trafficking by exploring some biblical history of it within the context of children at risk.

  • childrenatriskheader

    Models from the Old Testament

    Welcome to our six-part video series exploring the topic of children at risk from a biblical perspective. Our goal is to shed light on how God sees and works in situations of conflict and danger that affect vulnerable children. Every month, we’ll release a new video that delves deeper into this important topic, offering insights ...

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  • churchkingdomfeaturedimage

    Church and Kingdom

    Does the difference between church and kingdom ever feel confusing or blurry to you? Consider these two simple definitions of church and kingdom: Church = Christ + community Kingdom = Christ + cosmos  Church Church is a community that practices worship, prayer, and scripture reading and teaching, as well as the sacraments of communion and ...

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  • 3buildingblocksofrevelation

    Three building blocks of revelation

    How does revelation work? Many of us view biblical revelation as a mystical, ecstatic experience or some sort of “knowing” downloaded from heaven into our psyche. Some of us see it as a meditative process or use a tool like journaling to hear God speak better.  These are great descriptives or practices around revelation, but ...

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