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A Child as a Veteran.

It is hard to name a sacrifice more noble than that made by a veteran of war.  Men and women leave their homes and loved ones and face dangerous conditions to fight for people they have never met.  It is traumatic, perilous, and uncertain, and it protects the freedoms we cherish.  So, men and women proudly don a uniform and fight against oppression in all it’s forms.   It is an incredible sacrifice of time away from family and trauma that often follows them home.  It alters lives and changes people forever.

Our military personnel are not the only ones struggling with the challenges presented by war.  There are 400,000 children around the world who are force conscripted to fight for various rebel armies.  These are the faceless veterans of a nameless war:  the child soldiers.

For these children, being a veteran of war creates a different reality.  They learn to operate rocket-propelled grenade launchers before learning to read.  They are used as human shields and minesweepers before learning to tie their shoes.  They are subjected to sexual and physical assault on a daily basis.  It is considered one of the cruelest forms of modern day slavery.

Just as we celebrate our veterans for their bravery and sacrifice, we must also cherish and support the child soldiers around the world.  They have been thrust into horrific situations without their consent and they need your help.  Thanks to groups like Project AK-47, these children are not forgotten.  Project AK-47 builds safe homes, creates educational programs, and starts sports leagues in the areas these children are abused.  With the help of partnerships like Larry’s Country Diner, we can connect audiences with the need to help.  While war may never be eradicated, we CAN eradicate child soldiers with your help!  We refuse to let our veterans’ sacrifice to be made in vain.  Join us in the fight against child slavery…help us change the world, one life at a time.