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    New Children’s Home

    Two of INfire’s church leaders in Myanmar know firsthand what it means to be at risk for child soldiering. They are actually both former child soldiers and graduates from INfire’s education programs. And they have built some amazing connections that will give the same opportunity to dozens of more children just like them.

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    The First Footage of Child Soldiers I Ever Saw

    Years ago, I gave my friend Sam a video camera and asked him to find us the darkest place we could serve. The footage he came back with broke me.

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    Children At Risk

    Throughout the Bible, we see stories of children enduring remarkable hardship. We also see the emphasis Jesus placed on the importance of children in his teachings. One theme that is present in many of these stories is that the children are often NOT removed from their location.

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    Protecting Children from Conflict

    One of those difficult questions is whether or not it is best to keep children in the homes of their families. This is a question I get asked a lot, and it is certainly a question worth asking. Of course, the ideal situation for children is to be with their families. However, in the contexts in which our organization works, that may not always be the case.

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    Local Spirits vs Education

    …They thought that if they allowed their children to study that evil spirits would curse their family and they would all die.

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    Leaders Without Guns

    This area is favorable for rebel armies and for good reason...

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    I am afraid to be a soldier

    “Whenever people talk about guns, soldiers, or the war, I feel afraid…”

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    I was afraid I would not see my parents again…

    I was afraid I would not see my parents again before I died.

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    Help Us Keep Students Out of Combat

    “Most of these kids, if they cannot go to school, they marry at 13 years old, 15 years old…either they marry or they go into the army?”

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    The Snowflake Effect of Rescue

    Impact. That is what changed Zeyar’s life and the lives he’s pouring into today.

    Impact is like a snowflake that ever-so-gently floats down and lands on a snowy mountaintop. It has the potential to shift the weight of the mountain, no matter how seemingly small. Snowflake after snowflake, impact after impact, a final snowflake shifts all the snow underneath it. Soon an avalanche is created changing the face of the mountain itself; it's reformed by an impact that gained momentum and created a movement that affected everything in its path.  

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    Meet The Boy Who Escaped

    “I regret everything,” whispered Karim.

    In 2009, a group of men offered young Karim roughly 300 US dollars a month for what he thought was military training. After three months he was released and instructed to go home and wait. He returned to his normal life and didn’t hear anything for more than 8 years. 

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    Hope In the Midst of Conflict

    Myanmar (Burma) remains unsettled and continues to maintain some of the highest numbers of child soldiers on the planet. Aung San Suu Kyi, leader for the national democracy movement of Myanmar, faces many challenges in her plans for peace. In her Aug. 31 speech, Suu Kyi pledged to establish a "democratic federal union." But just a day earlier, a military spokesman dismissed the term, saying it did not comply with the 2008 constitution drafted by the military.  

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    Former Child Soldier Speaks to Students in Charlottesville

    Have you heard the story of Emmanuel Jal? We shared his incredible testimony a few months ago with our blog readers. A man of many talents, Jal is a recording artist, actor, and activist. Most importantly though, as a former child soldier in South Sudan, he has dedicated his life to changing the world through peace.

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    A CALL TO KINDNESS IN ACTION After 20 years of working in the world of Child Soldiers and 100 plus years of having a presence in SE Asia, we have learned that years of patience and perseverance can reap a harvest in an instant! This is exactly what happened recently in Myanmar (Burma). Significant political ...

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    A Child as a Veteran.

    It is hard to name a sacrifice more noble than that made by a veteran of war.  Men and women leave their homes and loved ones and face dangerous conditions to fight for people they have never met.  It is traumatic, perilous, and uncertain, and it protects the freedoms we cherish.