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1.5 Million Meals Sent To Survivors In The Philippines!

With the help of donors like you, and our incredible partners, our team has facilitated the shipment and distribution of 1.5 million meals to survivors in the Philippines! Through many generous donations, any remaining space in the containers was filled with medical supplies, generators, clothes and basic necessities. 



Part 1 of our distribution plan included Sagay Elementary School in Northern Cebu. 

Northern Cebu Children 2014-1.jpg

All the children were overjoyed!

Northern Cebu Street Children 2014-1.jpg

We are so grateful for our supporters around the world and our teams on the ground. We could not do this without you!


There are still thousands of survivors in need of help and this effort is far from over. But we love to celebrate every victory along the way! JOIN US as we continue to REBUILD in the Philippines.