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New Southern Kamoo Rice Paddy

One of our Children’s Home (currently of 50 children) has been hit hard by the pandemic and the civil conflict in Myanmar. But we have an amazing opportunity to create better food security and sustainability for them by purchasing a 3.4 acre rice paddy! We have seen opportunities like this before, but not every children’s home gets a chance like this. This opportunity means they could produce enough rice and vegetables for themselves to feed every child 3 meals per day for over half the year.

Sustainable solutions are a major element of our work because they not only provide immediate care for people in need, but they also serve to lift entire communities out of poverty long term. We have a deep commitment to local sustainability. The Southern Khamoo Home is near Thailand and connected with an ethnic group we have a long history of serving. The property will be managed by a local committee for the home and a Myanmar based foundation led by people we have worked with for over 20 years. Your donation doesn’t just feed a hungry child today… it also builds up a generation of peacemakers to come.

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