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3 Things That Inspired Our Start

Project AK-47’s foundation stems from deep generational roots in Southeast Asia, the growing awareness of child soldiering and being compelled to do anything it takes to stop child trafficking.

Our Founder’s, Marcus Young, father and grandfather were born in Burma, and he spent his formative years in the Philippines. Marcus’ upbringing shaped his love and understanding of Southeast Asian culture and has allowed PAK to have a holistic approach of how to serve in the conflict areas. 

The issue of child trafficking was brought to Marcus’ attention in 1997 when he watched footage of sickly child soldiers. Once seen, Marcus couldn’t shake the modern injustice that was standing before him. His only option was to take action. 

As Marcus began working with child soldiers, he saw a loving community develop that wanted to serve the forgotten children. Knowing that it takes an army of world-changing people to stop child soldiering, Project AK-47 was born as an advocacy platform to end social justice issues.