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Ali and Dallah’s Journey Part 1

There is a great need in the remote areas of the Philippines for child education. The sheer distance makes it impossible for most children to attend school, so parents are forced to rely upon teaching what is necessary for survival—weapons training. Children at young ages become skilled in battle and survival tactics, while school remains an unfathomable dream.

In 2017, our team began expanding our Child Soldier Education Scholarship program into west Mindanao. This area is known for heightened conflict and violence putting at-risk children in even more critical conditions. 

Our team hand-selected Ali and Dallah to pilot the education project. 

Dallah, age 11, is the daughter of one of toughest commanders in the region, she has survived many battles. Ali, age 13, is the son of a battalion commander. He grew up immersed in arm clashes trained to be a marksman. 

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Both Ali and Dallah dreamed of escaping their lives of violence to learn to read and write! On June 5th, 2017 they started their first day of school ever. One year later, Ali and Dallah are excelling in school and becoming leaders for peace! This is just the beginning of their journey!