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Anti-human trafficking collaboration with Bella Veritas


As Project: AK-47 fights to free children who are enslaved and exploited in countries around the world, other organizations are working in the USA to promote freedom and justice on our plantet. Just Projects International, the umbrella organization of Project: AK-47, is also working to educate the masses about the causes of all forms of human trafficking, so we can all work together for solutions.  This week, a Nashville based film company released a new movie to increase awareness of the connection between human trafficking and pornography, and it’s one you should take the time to see.

Bella Veritas Productions is proud to present 10 Seconds, a short independent film that draws attention to the demand for human trafficking and how sex addiction adds fuel to a growing fire.  Producers Elena Dering and David Perry began working to raise awareness about Human Trafficking in Nashville, TN in 2005. As their cultural conscience was awakened, they realized how few stories and films there were from the standpoint of the consumer. Later, Dering and Perry joined forces with Matthew Rampulla and Aaron Horn, who were also very passionate about the issue of human trafficking—10 Seconds is a product of this collaboration.


jesse james locorriere

jesse james locorriere

Gilbert Horn is a successful business and family man with a deep dark secret. His obsession leads him to lie to those around him, betray his wife and enslave innocent girls. As he struggles with temptation, he is desperate for intervention to save him from self-destructing. 10 Seconds is a story of a sex addict and a sex slave.

Through 10 Seconds, Bella Veritas hopes to educate America and the world to understand the symbiotic link between Sex Addiction and Human Trafficking. The term “sexual addiction” is used to describe the behavior of a person who has an unusually intense sex drive or an obsession with sex. Sex and the thought of sex tend to dominate the sex addict’s thinking, making it difficult to work or engage in healthy personal relationships. Sex addicts engage in distorted thinking, often rationalizing and justifying their behavior and blaming others for problems. They generally deny they have a problem and make excuses for their actions.

Human trafficking is modern day slavery. Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, based on the recruitment, harboring, and transportation of people solely for the purpose of exploitation. Every year traffickers generate billions of dollars in profits at the expense of victimizing people all around the world. It is something that has spread to the earth’s most dense jungles as well as to prestigious neighborhoods. Human Trafficking is inextricably connected with pornography and other sexual addictions, and therefore both issues must be addressed to create freedom in our world.


David Perry

David Perry

The movie is written, directed, and produced by David Perry. David was raised in Jurmala, Latvia, where he attended the Jurmala Music Conservatory for over ten years. In 2004, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he studied Piano Performance and Composition at Belmont University. David became a student of filmmaking after his successful introduction to writing and directing for theatre. In 2008, alongside three other Nashville-based artists, he started Bella Veritas Productions: an independent film company dedicated to producing films that educate, inspire, and raise social awareness. David has produced four films and directed two films and consults for non-profit organizations on their commercial and promotional videos. His passion is to tell stories that matter and provoke his audience to think and act in a way that makes their world a better place.

elena dering

elena dering

The movie is co-produced by Elena Dering, the co-founder of Bella Veritas and production manager of 10 Seconds. Elena was raised in Riga, Latvia, where she received a degree in Business from the Latvian State University. In 2004, she moved to Nashville, TN, where she has been involved in raising awareness for several social causes, primarily Human Trafficking. Having numerous years of acting training, she began producing for the theatre in 2006 as well as studying filmmaking. She is a co-founder of Bella Veritas Productions, and she has produced four films, written and directed one film, as well as coordinated various projects for various artistic and social justice non-profits. Her passion is to be a voice for those who cannot speak for themselves, both by telling stories that inspire action and offering practical solutions within our society. 

The rest of the amazing crew is composed of Matthew Rampulla – Producer and co-founder of Bella Veritas, Aaron Horn – Producer and Post Production Manager, Kazimir Boyle – Composer, Duncan Ragsdale – Production Designer, and Matt Coale – Director of Photography. Learn more about them at:

The film features a powerful cast with extensive experience in movies, television, and theater: Jessie James Locorriere, Amanda Bailey, Claire Engler, Aiden Mitchell, Caylin Cervetti, Carrington Durham, Emily Grace Yorgey, and Christine Poythress. You can learn more about the talented cast at


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