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The umbrella organization of Project: AK-47, Just Projects International (JPI), is working to collaborate with others who promote freedom and justice for all. The only way to stop the trafficking of all children in the world is to work on all fronts, dealing with the source, the market, and those who work as recruiters and suppliers. Our Project: AK-47 works on the front line, dealing with the source, and sometimes the recruiters and suppliers. One of the major goals of our umbrella organization, JPI, is to point the justice spotlight on injustice hotspots in the world. Another major focus for us is to highlight organizations and movements that are fighting justice battles around the world and in the United States.  One of the most effective organizations in the fight against human trafficking in the USA is the “Trafficking In America Task Force”, and they are based in Nashville, Tennessee. Their co-founder, Yvonne Williams just released their September newsletter, and as they are fighting to stop human trafficking in America, beginning with the the state of Tennessee as a model, we want to share their work and update with you all.

Trafficking in America Task Force

Trafficking in America Task Force

September 2012 Newsletter

A Higher Level of Thinking for a Higher Level of Life

TN Law Enforcement Training

on Human Trafficking In Tennessee

Grant House Bill 3835, Senate Bill 3768

Section 74 – Item 31 / Voucher # 00052763


4 hours of Certified Training – FREE for Law Enforcement

for more information call 615-815-7068

For the Counties of: Robertson, Davidson, Sumner,  Wilson, Williamson, Rutherford, Montgomery, Dixon, Cheatham

Ric Lumbard of Marion, Iowa will be the primary instructor

 for this 4 hour certified training (Ric spoke at the 2012 TIA Conference on the final day).

Daniel Tolar of Rescue 1 will answer Q & A about rescue.

The General Public is also invited. Please REGISTER

Is a SLAVE FREE America a tangible vision?

In any social movement, key phrases and words become a part of the language, such as those in denominations, or those in the political correctness arena. In the anti-human trafficking movement, “slave free” is being heard more and more. It has become a part of numerous vision and mission statements. It is being used in marketing and social media communications. And while it is the heart of many across this land, there are also those who insist this is an impossible vision and is hurting the intended goal of simply reducing the effects of human trafficking on our culture.

I have had many conversations in the past year with those who do not believe we can attain a slave free America. These discussions are interesting. And, while the arguments seem convincing (and almost do convince me) I am still sold on MY reality that we can ultimately realize our dream of seeing a SLAVE FREE America. Why do I believe this so strongly?

If we look back at history we can see that movements do indeed bring change. Had it not been for Martin Luther King and others who had a vision of a world where little black girls and little white girls played together, hence refusing to allow the continuation of the slavery that preceded us, we would still be experiencing segregation and all that was wrapped up in the ugly times of the 50’s and 60’s. It took a man with a vision.

I now know that despite hearing all of the arguments as to why this will never be, that men will always buy sex, and that violence will always be, I am convinced that a slave free America is a reality. We know the root causes. We are aware of the issue of the heart. We are building momentum through education and awareness. Men are coming forth and sharing their experiences as pornography addicts in order to help others stay away from it.

Now, as a people, we have to rise to the occasion and make those changes in our own lives that will allow us to prove those changes are for the better. We CAN experience a slave free America. It’s a matter of heart. It is possible and we will continue to believe this reality is the heart of God — His will be done on earth as it is in heaven — a slave free heaven.

Start receiving the “I Promise” Youth Campaign Newsletter

The I Promise To Do My Part Campaign for Youth is building momentum. We are reviewing our newest applicant’s application from the state of Texas!  And have just added another Texas student to that has stepped up to the plate, taken the I Promise Pledge and will be doing his part in Texas to engage his peers in becoming educated about human trafficking.

The purpose of the I Promise To Do My Part Campaign is to engage our youth across America in the issue of human trafficking. The program guidelines are minimal. We created the program that way on purpose in order to give youth the creative freedom to launch programs and engage their peers at levels that they are comfortable with. Whether a monthly club meeting, an awareness walk, an art display, or a simply prayer meeting — the sky is the limit. College students are busy so we want them to work at their own pace. We just want them to get engaged in the issue.

The program is about youth helping youth. We enlist students at the college level to serve as State Ambassador — to serve as a leader for that state. They will also recruit Representatives from as many high schools and colleges in their state as possible to become a part of the initiative. The Ambassadors can be creative but their focus will be to enlist others from their states to join the move and “do their part” whatever they feel their part may be.

We also need Adult Overseers for the various states for accountability purposes. All of the

criteria are on our Website.

You can signup for the I Promise Newsletter by contacting Orlinda. And, if you know a dynamic youth with leadership qualities from your state please contact Orlinda Mathis, National Program Manager, or go to the State Projects page on this site and contact the Regional or State Overseer assigned to your state. You can complete the Ambassador Application and Release form right on line to get the process started. We’re calling all youth who are able to do their part to end human sex trafficking of their peers. Another way Trafficking In America is working to end modern day slavery.

TIATF Partner, EndSlaveryTn has a dynamic program for youth titled, Be The Jam. Please visit their site at and view their video’s to learn about: boy-friending and girl-friending, too good to be true offers, social media ploys, and others.

Calendar Events through October  

 If you are in Nashville, TN; Memphis, TN; Chattanooga, TN; Washington, DC, please join us for any of the following speaking events:

September 20 – 8:00 am to 12:00 noon. FREE Law Enforcement Training as approved by TN General Assembly. Ric Lumbard of Fire and Rain Ministries, Marion, Iowa will be the primary instructor for this 4 hour certified training (Ric spoke at the 2012 TIA Conference on the final day). Daniel Tolar of Rescue 1 will answer Q & A about rescue. The General Public is also invited. Please REGISTER or email us at

September  23 – Speaking at Hermitage Presbyterian Church, Nashville, TN 8:30 Men’s Breakfast

September  27 – Speaking at TN School Social Workers Conference, Nashville, TN – Radisson Hotel, Opryland. Yvonne presents at 10:30 and 2:45.

October 1 – Deadline for Norma Hotaling Awards Submission

October 2 – Speaking at American University – Kay Spiritual Life Center, Washington DC – 12:00 EST

October 3 – Speaking at Universal Peace Federation, Washington DC – 2:00 to 4:30 EST. Yvonne Williams will be presenting a forum that addresses the domestic issues of human trafficking and how the USA is affecting it around the world. Topics of focus that are pertinent to understanding what America is dealing with and how we can stop it will be: 1) the Human Trafficking Triangle; 2) Who the victims in America are and how we can recognize them; 3) Who the perpetrators are and how they work; 4) Exposing the root causes that are fueling Human Trafficking; 5) addressing the “Absent Fathers Syndrome”; 6) Presenting some suggested strategies to create a cultural shift in America that will aid in stopping the supply and the demand.

October 4 – Various meetings with the TN Delegation and others in the US General Assembly.

October 11 – Speaking at TN Truckers Meeting in Memphis, TN – Marion and Yvonne Williams presenting on Human Trafficking at Truck Stops

October 16 – Speaking at TN Truckers Meeting in Chattanooga, TN – Marion and Yvonne Williams presenting on Human Trafficking at Truck Stops

Larry Flynt Needs to Re-tract His Statement

 A few weeks ago, I watched a documentary about the pornography industry. About 30 minutes into this sickening empire, I felt hopeless, that what we are doing is all for naught, until — the last few minutes of the film. Larry Flynt, porn mogul, thought he had the last word. I watched this man, laden with physical handicaps that keep  him in a wheelchair, and I saw a soul so wounded by believing deception that he has no idea how many lives he has destroyed. His words took me from feeling hopeless to making me mad. They gave me fuel that I needed to rise above what I had temporarily been experiencing. This wounded little man said with such pride and conviction, “The Genie is out of the bottle. We can’t put her back in. They’re just going to have to live with it.” A spike rose up my spine and I said out loud, almost yelling, “You wanna bet? No we don’t have to live with it.”

Please join me in helping those in your sphere of influence understand the detriments of pornography and let’s prove that we do NOT have to live with this insidious attack on our culture. Children as young as 5 are being exposed to pornography via the internet at least 1 time a week.

 Other countries have made pornography illegal on all accounts. Why can’t America?

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