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Child Soldiering in The Wake of Typhoon Haiyan

PROJECT AK-47’s focus has been, and still is child soldiers and kids in the worst kinds of conditions.  Haiyan left devastation in its wake like a WWII war zone.  Children are left parentless, and parents with little shelter, food or work, leave children unattended for long hours.  In these conditions, children are at high risk of trafficking.  The NPA operates in the region and will become frustrated with slow government response.  That will create another surge of propaganda to convince children to join the rebel group ranks in the coming year.  


We not only focus on rescuing children but also on tackling the root issues that impact a region’s instability and put children in danger zones to begin with.  There are hundreds of schools that need to be rebuilt after Typhoon Haiyan.  Schools keep children safe and we have access to conflict zones throughout the Philippines in partnership with Philippines military and other armed splinter groups. 

We continue to operate on other fronts too, in conflict regions along Myanmar’s borders and in drug cartel ridden territories of Mexico.  We will be sharing a review of PROJECT AK-47’s 2013 year in mid January, so stay tuned!  

Thanks for being part of our community.  Your presence, your passion on this mission, and your voice are critical to our success.