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Featured Advocate: Premiere Collectibles


Simply put, the Project: AK-47 Advocate Alliance is a growing community of influencers who have chosen to protest & engage the issue of child soldiering on a deeper level. Many of them are musicians, artists or athletes. Others are business executives or people of influence in their own spheres. All of them, however, share the same heartbeat and concern for children who have a story but no voice.

As our alliance is developing, we’re happy to have a few corporate members joining our ranks. Premiere Collectibles is America’s largest provider of autographed books and recently announced their 12th successful year of business! Not only has Premiere made us their 2011 Charity Partner to whom they donate each month, but this past Christmas they launched a “Give a Rescued Child Soldier a Season to Celebrate” campaign.

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The campaign gave every one of their customers an option to donate $10, $20, $50 or $100 to the holiday season of our rescued kids. It was an absolute success and we’re thrilled to have the Premiere in our alliance!

Learn More about PC or order an autographed edition of one of your favorite books!