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    Leading up to Soulheartist subscriptions opening April 15th…

    There are always plenty of good opportunities we pass up just because there’s always a reason to put it off. I want to encourage you to not skim over this one. In the bigger picture, my project is just a tip of a growing iceberg on how, becoming a Soulheartist subscriber can make a difference in this world, for good.

    April 15th – please mark it in your diaries – jump online to and read up before than, so that come the 15th, you can return to the site, submit your subscription as a premeditated decision, and together do something extraordinary. Will you join with me?

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    Join the Soulheartist Movement With Deb Fung and PROJECT AK-47!

    We are thrilled to announce that the incredibly talented Deb Fung has chosen to partner with us for her Soulheartist project! This means she will be actively raising awareness and funds to support our life saving work in the Philippines. In her touching and honest video, Deb tells us why she chose to parter with PROJECT AK-47 and how being a mom has grown her heart for our mission. 

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    Introducing Soulheartist: Empowering Artists, Charities, Fans and Brands to Change the World

    Soulheartist is about empowering the interwoven community of artists, fans, charities and brands, with a way to participate and play a massive part in changing the face of our planet – for good.

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    Michael Ricks Joins The ADVOCATE ALLIANCE

    The latest addition to our Advocate Alliance is Nashville based, worship leader Michael Ricks. His vocal talents have appeared on myriad records including Susan Ashton's "What Joy," Phil King's "How Much You Love" and Melinda Doolittle's "You Are the Reason." He also spent nine months touring with renowned Christian music group Higher Ground. 

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    The Advocate Alliance Welcomes Austin Adams

    PROJECT AK-47 and The Advocate Alliance are thrilled to announce another new artist has joined our ranks - Nashville based, singer-songwriter Austin Adams.

    The issue of child soldiers touched Austin's heart earlier this year when he came across a program Anthony Bourdian was doing on The Congo. Despite the poverty, disease, and malnutrition, the people of The Congo still had hope. He started researching more about The Congo and came across the growing epidemic of child soldiering. Reading more and more online that night, he started to realize what a world wide problem it is. It was then he decided he had to "help in some way and give a voice to these kids who have no voice of their own." 

    We are so thankful Austin has chosen to represent us from his stage!

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    Welcome Sean Emory to THE ADVOCATE ALLIANCE

    We are very excited to welcome Sean Emory into our Advocate Alliance! Sean is an amazing illusionist based in our hometown of Nashville. He travels around the country performing at large church and community events. And if you're lucky, you will catch him on the street before a show performing some incredibly illusions up close and personal. 

    Read more about Sean and The Advocate Alliance...

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    Project AK-47 Introduces “Colour Of London”

    The musical collaboration “Colour of London” is made up of one Jimmie Allen and one Nate Woodall. These boys are not your typical duo, as they pull out all the stops in an effort to make music that promotes “love, equality, and truth.” This is not a trite saying to these guys, but rather a ...

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    The Lowry Sisters join our Advocate Alliance

    The Project: AK-47 Advocate Alliance is a growing community of influencers who have chosen to protest & engage the issue of child soldiering and exploitation through human trafficking. Many of them are musicians, artists or athletes. Others are business executives or simply people of influence in their own spheres. All of them, however, share the ...

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    Feature Advocate: Jetty Rae

    "These days, it's rare for people to listen to an artist's album all the way through, but I think I may have found an exception in Jetty Rae."

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    Everyone, Meet Unlikely Heroes

    In America, there are over 100,000 sexually trafficked young women, yet there are fewer than 50 beds dedicated to their rescue and rehabilitation in the States. Unlikely Heroes is creating homes and rehab facilities to help these young women.

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    One Boy’s Birthday Is Another Boy’s Food…For 2 Years

    We love it when someone in the Project: AK-47 community goes above and beyond the call of duty to help others. So when the opportunity arises to tell you about their amazing acts, you better believe we are going to put them up on a pedestal and shine a big, bright light to spotlight their heroic deeds.

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    Advocate Alliance member Christa Black shares her Project: AK-47 story

    My heart sunk, disgusted and grieved. The more I listened, the more the knot rose in my throat. The more I heard about these forgotten children, the more I knew I was now responsible for what I had just heard. And that if I didn't take what I'd learned and do something, there was a huge possibility that no one else would. Someone was counting on me, and my response meant they lived….or they died.

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    Love > Apathy.

    This is a guest post by a fellow advocate, musician, creative & friend, Chad Jarnagin.

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    7 things you can buy for $7.

    For $7 a month, you can make the difference between a kid or a killer. If you join "The Rescue Campaign," your monthly contribution will be distributed to our child soldier rescue endeavors.

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    Thousands More Advocates “Wear Their Story.” [video]

    In case you missed us this summer, JOIN US in this fight to give these forgotten 100,000 children of SE Asia their childhood’s back! Here’s how…