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Featured Advocate: Meet Neal

Simply put, the Project: AK-47 Advocate Alliance is a growing community of influencers who have chosen to protest & engage the issue of child soldiering on a deeper level.  Many of them are musicians, artists or athletes.  Others are business executives or people of influence in their own spheres.  All of them, however, share the same heartbeat and concern for children who have a story but no voice.

Meet Neal Heary…



Neal Heary with Enemy Opposition: Action Sports Demonstrations and Clothing is a talented athlete who has competed in many national inline contests, including the Inline World Championships.  Not only that, but he is also a formidable proponent of compassion and justice.  Over the past 4 months, Neal has become a voice to the extreme sports world on behalf of the child soldiers of Southeast Asia.  He has rallied hundreds of young people to wear dog tags in protest and remembrance.

Take a glance at his video!

As a team, we have an intense love and respect for our advocates and feel it would be unjust not to share them with you guys. So, periodically we want to do just that.