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With your help, our teams have been on the ground in the Philippines since Typhoon Haiyan (Hurricane Yolanda) made landfall over a week ago. In preparation to do this well, we spent time learning from the locals and meeting with other leaders in the area to develop the best relief plan possible. 

Currently we have three target areas: Coron, Palawan, North Cebu, Leyte region. Based on our previous experience with disaster relief and the knowledge we have gained from others on the ground, we established the following relief plan. 

The first tier effort will provide food, clean water, clothing, and medical supplies for those affected. We will also allocate funds for the transport and food costs of professionals like doctors or journalists working with us. Much of the communication infrastructure is down in the affected areas so getting word out on the real need is imperative. 

Our second tier plan focuses on shelter for those displaced from their homes. Funds will also be used for the protection of our team members when going into volatile areas and setting up communication lines to report back to donors and our lead team. 

The third tier will encompass our long-term efforts. We will start rebuilding communities and lives where relationships are established during relief work. This may be school projects for children in the New Peoples Army in the impacted region. We will intentionally tie in our work to helping children at risk of trafficking and the risk is always higher after a natural disaster.  

We are committed to the wise use of funds. Our local partners working under JPI have been doing relief work for many years now and can leverage a network of over 2,000 churches to access remote areas. 

We engage in this relief work for the regional change we can bring in the future. Thank you for your continued support. If you have any questions about our relief efforts or activity on the ground in the Philippines please contact us 


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