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Thank you, Counterpointe Solutions!



At Project: AK-47, we love to celebrate the participation of our community. Counterpointe Solutions recently became a corporate sponsor for one of our children’s homes in the Golden Triangle region of Southeast Asia, which is an incredible gift to our rescued children there!  Counterpointe offers workplace software development and program management solutions.  As they run their successful, minority-owned business, our friends at Counterpointe have also dedicated themselves to serving their communities, both locally and globally.

Counterpointe Solutions is launching into 2011 by celebrating and supporting the rescue of orphans, child soldiers and trafficking victims, and the children themselves couldn’t be more grateful. As the banner says, huge thanks, Counterpointe!

2 thoughts on “Thank you, Counterpointe Solutions!”

  1. I’m so confused. How can there be this going on and no one be aware of it? I have a set of tags and have been following you guys for months…but I’m kind of dissapointed and honestly don’t know what to believe. I hope I”m not growing up to be a cynic, but I’ve dug deeper and….you’re not mentioned anywhere. Anywhere, that is, accept for religious groups and I’m atheist. There may again lie another problem.I see the fundraising efforts and wonder why no one else has contributed.
    I read the projects but without any real (i can’t emphazise that word enough) proof.
    I do believe in child soldiers and would damn my life to end it. But you guys….all i have to go on is your word. Frankly that’s not enough for me anymore.

    • @Mary J, so sorry for the delayed reply. We’ve been getting spammed like crazy on our blog and I lost your comment in the pile of Levitra and Auto Insurance spam comments.
      Thanks for your honesty and for taking the posture of not merely believing what organizations claim just because they appear legitimate. It always pays off to do due diligence research before you really buy into something like this. I would welcome any questions you’d like to throw my way–email me at

      I’m not sure how to prove our projects are real without taking you there, but I personally have been to our projects, met our children and encountered child soldiers along the way who have not been rescued yet. If you’ve seen our two main videos, most of the photos and video footage are what we’ve shot at and around our projects. Other than that, let’s talk and find out what would make this real to you.

      Regarding no one being aware of it, that is rapidly changing as we continue to get the word out. Yes, religious groups generally resonate with social justice and humanitarian efforts, but we work with secular groups as well. We just want to unite people, regardless of their beliefs, in the belief that it is not okay to do nothing about children being used as soldiers.

      Look forward to talking,

      Communications Director

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