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Thank You, Responders!



Back in June, we posted news of a fire that devastated one of our homes for rescued girl soldiers, which fortunately happened while the girls were attending school during the day so none of them were hurt (read the full story here).  While the damages were severe and required over $30,000 in repairs, one of the more immediate needs was to replace the girls’ clothing that had been incinerated.  We called on our community to raise the funds necessary to give these girls new clothes, and you responded by completely funding this effort!  We are so grateful to be surrounded by people of action who just aren’t content to let someone else handle it. Thank you!

While we have similar opportunities to invest in the children’s lives at all of our project locations, the next project we will be featuring is in Mexico, where the drug trade and cartel violence has grown beyond the government’s control and is spilling across the U.S. border and even Europe. In response to the increasing use of impoverished children and young adults in cartel gangs and drug production/trafficking, our youth fútbol (soccer) programs are reaching these kids before it’s too late by mentoring them and giving them a healthy passion and drive in life, as well as ensuring that they maintain academic excellence in school.



Our Division 3 team is in need of warm up uniforms for 30 of the players, since the temperatures are dropping, yet the bar remains high as they consistently outperform every other team in their Division.  We are raising $600 to cover this and would love to give you a chance to take part in it. For $20 you can cover the costs for one player!  CLICK HERE

That’s a shameless plug on the end of a thank you note, but then again, we are shameless when it comes to defending the defenseless and putting an end to violence.

Thank you once again!


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