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Two updates

Just wanted to keep you posted…

1) Fighting in Burma continues as the Burma Army moves forward with its campaign to achieve greater control of the ethnic states. Three of the major ethnic groups representing half a dozen armies have not been successful in uniting and coordinating their efforts to stave off the Burma Army, who are now creating a blockade to keep supplies (including food) from getting to these ethnic groups. For the moment, this will likely escalate the food costs of our children’s homes, which are still safe, but are on high alert.

2) Project: AK-47 will be featured tonight at 10:00 PM CDT on Nashville’s WNAZ 89.1 FM. The show, The Grassroots Project, is a student-lead broadcast that combines interviews with grassroots humanitarian organizations and indie music. Tonight’s music will include songs from Project: AK-47 Artist Alliance artists Adam Agin, Joseph LeMay, Garrett Miller and Joy Whitlock. If you are not in Nashville, you can still listen to the show online using Windows Media Player at the following link: There will be a re-run of the show on Tuesday, October 6 at 10:00 PM CDT.


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