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photo (3)

photo (3)

No it is not Christmas time again. As you may know, we have been highlighting some of the creative ways that the Project: AK-47 community supports what we do around the world. If you’ve missed out so far, you can check out some of our previous posts HERE and HERE.

This week we want to introduce you to Christine Jackson. Christine lives in Birmingham, MI and owns a home boutique called Scandia Home. Christine met Project: AK-47’s founder Marcus while she was in Thailand helping with the recovery of the 2006 Tsunami. It was then that she learned the story of child soldiering in Southeast Asia. She knew she would never be the same again. She has become a large part of the Project: AK-47 com

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photo 2

munity since.

In 2007, Christine and her daughter Danialle became co-owners of a boutique in Birmingham, Michigan where she lives. Very soon after she would take another trip to Thailand. It was then that she realized how she could use what she had in her hands, Scandia Home, to help Project: AK-47. She would bring back Thai jewelry and sell it in her boutique as a way to raise awareness and money for PAK47’s work in Thailand. She still sells Thai jewelry in the store for between $25-$125, small hand-made notpads for $5-$8 and a portion of the proceeds go to helping Project: AK-47. But that’s not all she does.

In 2011 Christine won a catered dinner at a local mansion and she used it as a fundraiser. That night alone she raised $3,500 for Project: AK-47.

Also last year at Christmas time, Christine had an idea drop into her head. She had never done anything like what she had in mind, but she figured out what she needed qnd made the idea a reality. She raised quite a bit of money for PAK47.  By collecting various pine cones, moss and other random things from her property and piecing them together she made holiday topiaries and wreaths. She sold them for between $150=$250. Again, the proceeds went to Project: AK-47.

Through her initiative and creativity, Christine gives around $5,000 a year to Project: AK-47. Throughout this blog are some pictures of what Christine has made. If you are interested in supporting her work and art, her contact information is at the bottom of this page. Be sure to check out Scandia Birmingham’s Facebook page as well.

Diptic blog 3
Diptic blog 3

To the community fighting to eradicate human trafficking and bring care and support to the many child soldiers around the world, people like Christine are an inspiration and example. She is proof that anyone is capable of being a hero as long as they have passion, vision, and creativity(which is everyone). There are endless needs in the world waiting to be met.

You can use what you have, where you are right now to help change things.

What is in your hands?

How can you use what you have to give back to the world?

Scandia Home

237 Pierce St.

Birmingham, MI 48348

Hero: Christine Jackson

Facebook: Scandia Birmingham


Phone: 248-649-7473