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Feature Advocate: Jetty Rae



“Lyrics, driven, mellow, passionate, truthful, acoustic, soulful.” -MTV

“These days, it’s rare for people to listen to an artist’s album all the way through, but I think I may have found an exception in Jetty Rae.”

“Jetty Rae is a unique songstress with powerful and sweet lyrics.”

These are just a few of the things that are being said about Michigan recording artist and Project: AK-47 Artist Alliance member Jetty Rae(@JettyRae). She has been touring for the past 8 years as a singer-songwriter, and Sarah McLachlan handpicked her to perform at Lilith Fair as the featured local artist.  As you are reading these words, her newest full-length album, Drowning In Grain,  is dropping onto iPods everywhere. I had a chance to listen through the album a few days ago and it has been on repeat since.

 For a free song download click HERE.(Be sure to Right Click & Save As to download)

You can buy all her albums, including Drowning In Grain, on iTunes or Amazon MP3.

Check out her website,  and watch her on Youtube HERE and at the bottom of this page.


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