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65 Child Soldiers are released. 25 find refuge…


Above is our latest “delivery.” Since the birth of our endeavor with child soldiers five years ago, we have on average at least one delivery per year. The local army grows tired of toting the younger children they’ve conscripted or recruited for warfare, and drops them on our doorstep.

Here’s the tragedy: we don’t have the funds, space, or staff to feed, shelter, and school all of the soldiers handed over to us.

6 days ago, 65 children, ranging from the ages of 6 to 12, were brought to us. Out of these, we were only able to take in and care for 25. In the past, we have taken more children than we had the capacity for and felt the repercussions severely in our staff, finances, and facilities. The remaining 40 kids had no choice but to return to the barracks with the soldiers that brought them.

Does your $7 or $14 a month make a difference? Absolutely. These are kids who, without our open doors, are destined to a life of trauma and violence. Our dream is to adequately receive and care for every child brought to our door. Dream with us…Partner with us…and help make our dream a reality.