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Life Under A Bridge: A Survivor’s Story

The story of these three beautiful sisters is heartbreaking but ultimately triumphant. This is exactly why we continue working to rebuild the Philippines – because every day is a new opportunity to save a life – or in this case, three lives.

On it’s way to Leyte, one of our trucks filled with relief good, crashed and rolled down into a ravine. As our Philippines Director raced to the scene, he caught site of three little girls sitting alone on a bridge. He knew he had to stop for them.

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As he approached the bridge, he was met with warm but exhausted smiles. Elijah, 13, Honie May 11, and Elisa May, 2, were living under the bridge because their home was destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan. After feeding them, our Philippines Director realized little Elisa May and Honie May were very sick – he knew he would have to find a way to bring a doctor to them.

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One of our incredible doctors, all the way from Oklahoma, USA, made the trek out to the bridge to meet the girls. After examining them, the diagnosis was bleak – they had serious pneumonia and their lungs were filled with fluid. Without treatment they would be dead in 3-4 days. Luckily he was able to administer antibiotics on the spot. We were also able to provide them with food so the girls could take the time they need to rest and recover.  

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Today, they are fully recovered and doing much better! Our team continues to visit them and we are working to rebuild their home. 

Please consider joining us on this important mission! Every dollar means one more vital step towards restoring and rebuilding a family’s life. 

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